The ICS “Lightway” Peleador series is a polymer construction M4 style rifle that features great electronics and performance out of the box.

Operationally the Peleador functions much like any other M4 AEG. The fire control unit is placed exactly where you expect and all the controls function as usual with the exception of the forward assist.

Generally, forward assists on AEGs are nothing more than an aesthetic feature used to complete the look of the gun, however on the Peleador, it is used to release the tension on the spring when you are finished using the rifle. The trigger is flat-faced, short stroked, and extremely sensitive as it uses its SSS E-Trigger system.

Internally the ICS “Lightway” Peleador uses the ICS split gearbox design for quick power up or power down options when going from indoor to outdoor in addition to this, it also uses a DUAL MOSFET system for Power and Monitoring. This dual system protects and prevents automatic firing caused by short circuits.

The SSS E-trigger inside the gun ensures highly sensitive shooting and parts such as the cylinder head and piston head are reinforced with 6061 aluminum. As an added bonus, the gears use MIM or Metal Injected Molding on their pinion and bevel gears for added strength and durability.

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