Make your gear last even longer!

Your tactical clothing is your personal line of defence on the field. That’s why it always has to be in top condition, just like you of course. The guys at UF PRO put together some easy to follow guidelines to help you maintain your UF PRO tactical clothing so it can last even longer and serve you even better.

UF PRO tactical clothing

No matter how rugged, durable, or tech-advanced your gear is, the chances are it will fail at some stage unless you take proper care of it. It might shrink, discolour, rip, develop leaks, or start stinking despite washing.

To make your gear last longer, follow our top tips for tactical clothing maintenance. In this guide, we go over regular maintenance, care when washing and drying, care while you’re on a mission and exposed to the environment, and how to store your gear properly – everything from choosing the right storage space to storing it in a way that ensures your tactical clothing doesn’t become damaged when not in use.

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