Introducing the HK369 from Heckler & Koch

REAL STEEL NEWS: Sunday = Gunday feature at AMNB is about a new concept study from Heckler & Koch. They´re working on a Multiple Grenade Launcher which is focused towards the modularity and ergonomics of the product itself.

The HK369 comes in the caliber 40mm x 46 Low Velocity (LV, 75 m/s) and is focused towards the use for police and military units. Ambidextrous desing, folding stock and a STANAG4694 rail on top are just a few features.

How do they came up with the name HK”369″ for it? The company uses their own numerical code for their products as some you may know. First paragraph stands for the equipment generation, second for gerenade launcher, and third for the caliber.

Release date is set for 2022 the company announced. Stay tuned… we hope to see this in the airsoft world too as soon as it´s out.

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Source: Europäische Sicherheit & Technik