High Speed Gear Launches ReFlex IFAK System Accessory

SWANSBORO, N.C. – High Speed Gear® adds an additional medical pouch accessory to their line up, the ReFlex™ Leg Rig System.

The ReFlex™ Leg Rig system is a two-piece system, med roll and leg rig carrier, that is designed to carry organized medical supplies. The system, constructed primarily with heavy-duty nylon laminate, allows rapid deployment of medical supplies. The ReFlex™ Leg Rig allows the user to quickly access medical supplies much faster than traditional methods of carrying medical pouches and IFAK systems.

This allows for an improved response time to render necessary aid. The ReFlex™ was designed and developed with direct input from active-duty medical personnel and is built to hold the supplies that are included in the U.S. Army-issued IFAK. The ReFlex™ Leg Rig and ReFlex™ Med Roll can be purchased together or separately. The ReFlex Leg Rig System has been field tested by U.S. Navy Corpsmen.

“Many of our customers may need quick-access to medical supplies that an IFAK System would carry, however do not have the room to attach this type of gear to their belt. The ReFlex Leg Rig was instinctively designed so the user can still have the same HSGI retention they know and trust, while carrying everything that they need,” explained Daniel Chaney, HSGI® Senior Designer. “Safety and durability is our number one priority at High Speed Gear to ensure that everyone who wears our gear is effectively prepared.”

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