Hazard 4 Releases the Heavy Water Diver Titanium Tritium Dive-Watches.

Hazard 4 Tactical Watches

After years of development and anticipation, Hazard 4® introduces its line of tactical watches. We have combined a set of advanced features such as tritium ever-glow illumination, titanium, and deep diving ability into a package that is not available from any other maker at any price. Finally we get the watches that we have always wanted to own, and it only took designing and manufacturing to get them.

Hazard 4 Tactical Watches1

We think you will be as excited as we are to get one on your wrist. The function, quality, weight and design aesthetics are outstanding and we are sure you will agree once you see one that it must be on your to-get list. But hurry, color combinations of finish and tritium are limited. Our watch hands & indicators glow continuously (night or day) powered by an unusual, goverment-regulated technology that combines helium-3 gas (tritium/H3), glass tubes, and phosphors into self-contained mini light bulbs!

Hazard 4 Tactical Watches5

These tritium bulbs need no charging by battery, sun, or flashlight – unlike other watches using simple luminescent paint or battery-run film. They also don’t fade away at night like those paints, and require no button pushing, or battery to exhaust. They are also feather light. Usually used for only critical applications like military compasses and night-sights/scopes, we nevertheless source them since our watches are used by those whom timing often determines success or failure, survival or catastrophe.

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