Wanna go Bambi Safari? That’s the shirt you need!

It’s hunting season all over the place someday right? What you hunt, it’s up to you… but looking “casual af” while doing it is a must!

Grounded Bandits Bambi Safari

So why you don’t gear-up with the right shirt for it? Our friends at Grounded Bandits offer you exactly this to send out this message on point and clear to avoid any misunderstanding with their Bambi Safari T-Shirt.

Made out of 100% fair-trade bio-cotton, manufactured in Germany (or Europe), their clothing is made from high quality materials to fulfill a long lifetime as well the best next-to-skin comfort while wearing it.

Get yours, now!

Grounded Bandits… “Live the tactical way of life every day all day”

Get yours here >> www.tripleaction.de/grounded-bandits

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