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Introducing the Slim Medical Pouch

Life is hard. It’s even harder with a sucking chest wound. Shooting someone is easy but fixing someone, not so much. Do you have the skills and gear you need?


Grey Ghost Gear Slim Medical Pouch


While we can’t help you with medical prowess, we can provide your tools. The Slim Medical Pouch is just the right size for a blow-out kit. Taking up just two rows of MOLLE with an adjustable ride height, it is ideal for securing to a plate carrier or belt. The smooth dual zippers combined with an oversized pull tab means that contents can be accessed with ease, even one handed.


Grey Ghost Gear Slim Medical Pouch


The elastic loops on the inside ensure the contents won’t come crashing out when you open it, and the exterior webbing is great for storing trauma shears and tourniquets.


Grey Ghost Gear Slim Medical Pouch


While you aren’t going to fit an entire Goat Corpsman in there (and he might be too heavy to carry around anyway), you can get all of the essentials: Kerlix, QuikClot, nasal passage airways, decompression needles, chest seals—and even end up with some space for your preferred Barbie Band-Aids.

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