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A word from the Ghost | The Rig Light Jacket is here!

The guys at GGG teamed up with the brilliant minds of Beyond Clothing to bring you something truly remarkable: The Rig Light Jacket. Utilizing Beyond’s proprietary 4-way Stretch Woven Fabric with DWR (Durable Water Repellent) you end up with a jacket that provides the durability of a softshell with the lighter weight of a mid-layer.


Grey Ghost Gear Rig Light Jacket
Athletically cut, gusseted, and flexible for even the most dynamic movements, the Grey Ghost Grey color of the Rig Light is stylish, low signature, and stealthy. The Rig Light Jacket shrugs off light rain and snow (and quite a bit of blood too) and is superb as a mid-layer for your winter rig or as a standalone during cooler months. Each arm sports wrist closures, bicep pockets, and a hook and loop panel for IR patches, nametapes, or other unit identifiers. The front features a zippered chest pocket and a pair of external hand pockets. For when the elements are really coming down, there’s a lightweight hood that zips out directly from the collar but stays tucked away until needed.

The Rig Light Jacket is categorically Badass. You’ve got to check it out!

Only available for a limited time.

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Stay tuned to our Facebook page in the coming days for an opportunity to get a Rig Light Jacket for FREE.

Grey Ghost Gear Rig Light JacketGrey Ghost Gear Rig Light JacketGrey Ghost Gear Rig Light Jacket


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