GhostHood – Camouflage made light!

Those of you who are into camouflage may have already seen the great products from GhostHood in Concamo. The company now released a new video series let’s call it “tutorial” showing their line-up, features and how to use them correct to prevent application errors and bad first time expirience.

We at AMNB got to use some of their products already and we can clearly say: that stuff works very well! GhostHood offer their products in all current available colors from Concamo which are: Green Gen.2, Brwon Gen.2 and Beige. If you’re looking into getting yourself some new camo-garments to become the invisible, GhostHood is your go to choice we would say.

Can you spot them all?

GhostHoodie Features:

  • On and off in seconds
  • Wearable with or without helmet
  • One size for all. Fits over any equipment / daypack
  • Without opening or dropping the camouflage – access to holsters, belts, bags and equipment
  • Eye slit with mesh for optimal camouflage in close range
  • Optic opening for covering rifle and shoulders in pone
  • Hand camo like mittens One piece without loss of parts
  • Extremely small pack size: approx. 2 l / 395g
  • More than 50 CFIX camouflage attachment points
  • High quality IRR print

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