Ghost-Legs by GhostHood – Camouflage made light!

The Ghost-Legs by GHOSTHOOD are the perfect add-on to their Ghost-Hoodie which we showed you here already. Both in combination give you the best concealment features on the market as they come in the very well working Concamo pattern. 10 CFIX camouflage attachment points per leg plus the 50 CFIX attached to the Hoodie allow you to become one with the environment.

The Ghost-Legs future more can be used to cover other tactical gear such as rifles, scopes etc. as well what makes them an very interesting piece of gear which you may want to add to your collection too.


  • On and off in seconds
  • One size for all. Also fits over winter clothing
  • Without opening or dropping the camouflage
  • access to leg pocket, bags – incl. optional shoe covers
  • One piece without loss of parts
  • Extremely small pack size: approx. 1,5 l / 242g
  • 10 CFIX camouflage attachment points per leg

Available in Concamo Green Gen.2, Brown Gen.2, and Beige

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