Your partner for hot environments, the Striker ULT

Now in stock and available in all common sizes, the Striker ULT Combat Pants from UF PRO. If you’re in central Europe and are looking for UF PRO gear, Triple Action is your first address for it because they are konwn as “the home of the hot stuff”!

Striker ULT

The ULT in Multicam is out since the beginning of the summer (as you may know) but finally, the Brown Grey version is here too. For most guys, Brown Grey is their go to camo on the job and beyond.

Striker ULT

Designed from the ground up to be remarkably light in weight and to deliver outstanding performance. These combat pants excel in both hot and temperate climates, making them the ideal choice whether your mission takes you to the sun-scorched desert, the steaming jungle environments, or the dense forests of Europe.

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