The Garmont Nemesis 6.2 GTX is a lightweight and waterproof tactical boot for missions that require speed and agility. Available at Emperionstore in Black & Coyote.

Garmont Tactical Nemesis 6.1 GTX Boots Ideal for missions requiring speed and agility, the Nemesis 6.1 GTX is a lightweight and protective waterproof tactical boot.

The upper features the highly abrasion-resistant and innovative Lenzi Perspair fabric as well as erGo-last and Double Damper technologies for an ergonomic fit with superior shock absorption. Garmont boots are designed to deliver the best mountain experiences. We start from the inside and work outward – by understanding the anatomy of the foot, analyzing movement, and determining what is going to deliver the best performance.

FEATURES: Garmont’s Anatomically Directed Design enables your foot’s natural ability to stabilize, absorb shock, and propel forward. Fit is enhanced by closely matching design and function to the natural asymmetric shape of your feet.

ASYMMETRICAL CUFF – The ankle cuff is lower on the outside and taller on the inside for better edging, greater overall stability and comfort when traversing and scrambling.
ANATOMICAL TONGUE –The tongue matches the asymmetric shape of the top of your foot and ankle. It is thicker to the outside and progressively thinner toward the inside. This anatomic shape keeps the tongue in place resulting in better control, stability, and comfort.
DIFFERENTIAL ANKLE PADS – Securely locks the heel in place for a precise fit around the ankle bones for better stability and support.
PRECISION LACING – The shoe flexes like your foot for out-of-the-box walking comfort. ROOMY TOE BOX – Features a straighter shape to accommodate the natural position of the big toe. With this design, your toes can provide better balance and propulsion. Garmont is appreciated by special corps all over the World. The same values, the same care in the test processes and the same principles continue to inspire Garmont in the research and development of new cutting-edge tactical products.

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