FROG.PRO Introduces the Modular Reconnaissance Task Bag

Taneto – March 31, 2021 – FROG.PRO places another milestone on the path of modularity undertaken for years within the Tactical and Rescue market and is pleased to present its MRTB, Modular Reconnaissance Task Bag.

This accessory, fully compatible with all FROG.PRO platforms, gives the user “carte blanche” in configuring his setup.

The MRTB comes with two MPO (Multi Purpose Organizer) panels which, thanks to their versatility and easiness of use, are configurable using the elastic cords and the One-Wrap Velcro strips included in the MPO kit, to store the items and accessories necessary to achieve the goal that has been set or for which there is a call to act; be it reaching the top of a mountain, tactical use in the field or the rescue of a patient in a SAR mission, the Modular Reconnaissance Task Bag will guarantee an orderly and practical organization of the instrumentation.

Equipped with YKK® Aquaguard water-repellent zippers and manufactured with DWR (Durable Water Repellent) fabrics, the MRTB will allow you to safely transport its contents, stored in both the main pocket and in the two accessory pockets positioned respectively on the front and back.

The inner part equipped with Ultra-Mate® Velcro hook fastener will allow a firm application to the plate carrier, as already seen while presenting the Defender Low Visibility Plate Carrier, but can be easily covered by the matched Task Bag Pad Air if it is necessary to use it combined with shoulder harnesses such as, for example, the Light Reconnaissance Harness.

The combination with the aforementioned platforms finds maximum expression in the three configurations Defender Medic Kit, MRTB Light Patrol Kit and R + MRTB SAR Kit, designed based on the specific needs of experts in the sector and operators belonging to departments of excellence.

The modularity of the Multi Purpose Organizer TB panels, already supplied in one pair but also present in the catalog and available individually both in the “Horizontal” and “Vertical” versions, allow the operator to bring along several configurations and switch from one to the other with maximum ease and in the shortest possible time, making it complete and fully equipped.

The molle system, made of LAHYCO fabric by FROG.PRO, placed on the front of the pocket, allows for expansion if necessary via applying external pouches and / or additional accessories.

Finally, in the R + version intended for the Rescue market, you can see the use of Reflex fabric with the purpose of enhancing the operator’s visibility (already guaranteed by the High Visibility colors) even in low light situations, when hit by a beam of light.

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