Intrducing | The MIKE Force Pack

From the Jungle comes another innovative pack system from FirstSpear. Taking its name from the famous MIKE Force utilized by MACV-SOG during the Vietnam War, you can now meet the MIKE Force Jungle Ruck.


MIKE Force Pack


Available in two variations, the MFP Standard and MFP Medium both come with a rucksack, yoke system, and thermal molded frame. The Standard weighs in at under 4lbs with 2500+ cu in of storage, the medium ones with 2900+ cu in.

Currently offered with three different sized waist belts options for the MFP Suspension System, swapping out between them is easy and Operator friendly. The MIKE Force frame is one size fits most, and manufactured from an advanced thermal molded composition. For personnel not immediately familiar with pack systems designed for operations in deeply foliated, hot tropical environments the frame may initially seem to ride high, there is ample adjustment to raise and lower it on the body however, the design intent is to minimize conflict with your load bearing/fighting load, accentuate stand off from the back of the body to aid in ventilation/cooling and facilitate getting in and out of different body positions required for Jungle Warfare.



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