A simply clever combination of a ground sheet and regular sleeping pad!

The FDF Sleeping Pad is something that should be on your list of outdoor equipment for the winter and or next outdoor season, combining two essential things for sleeping on the ground.


This fine piece of sleeping gear was developed for the Finnish Defence Forces in the 1980’s. The additional insulation and protection the fabric cover offers adds comfort in snowy and nasty terrain.


As the FDF Sleeping Pad core this is basically a simple piece of closed cell foam, just like any simple sleeping pad really. The special thing is the cover. The lightweight, waterproof cover does a lot of things.


It protects the cell foam from punctures, tears and abrasion. It adds some insulation as it traps air inside it. Maybe most notably it offers a small personal groundsheet, the sides of the cover extend sideways 25 cm on both sides, providing you with a 100 cm wide clean surface.

More details >> www.savotta.fi/sleeping-pad

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