Check out the all new E&L Essential AK Series

The legendary E&L Airsoft Brand, whose excellent replicas of Russian assault rifles (and more!), have won the hearts of airsoft players from around the world, returns with the E&L Essential series. Our friends at Gunfire are stocking the all new series for you and here’s an quick overview for your reference.

E&L Essential

The replicas from this line, characterized by a slightly lower price than the previous generation, retain all the features that allowed E&L products to gain a strong position on the market. These are, among others: made of 100% steel, realistic appearance and construction, solid gearbox, and solid making.

E&L Essential

The best guarantee of realism is the fact that E&L airsoft replicas are assembled in a factory responsible for the production of firearms. Thus, some external elements are identical to those in the firearm counterpart and come off the same production line. The manufacturer took care of the smallest details to bring their replicas as close as possible to the original.

E&L Essential replicas are equipped with the V3 gearbox that has a quick spring change system. What parts can we find inside?

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