DISCUS integrates your cellphone (or other EUD) into your communications suite

DISCUS enables the communicator to make phone calls, listen to music or interact with other Bluetooth-enabled devices while using a military-style communications headset.

DISCUS is a stand alone device engineered to work with any communication headset with NATO wired U-174 down-leads (COMTAC. AMP, OTTO, SAFARILAND).



it can operate independently of a PTT to provide Bluetooth connectivity to the headset (i.e., can pair with a Bluetooth device without a two-way radio present).

When paired to a PTT connected to a two-way radio, DISCUS uses innovative technology to automatically adjust audio levels to prioritize radio traffic over audio received from a Bluetooth source.

The system is powered by one CR-123 battery, which provides over 48 hrs of life.

If it loses power, your radio and push to talk will still function normally. Only the Bluetooth will cease to function.  

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