Direct Action Introduces the Bearcat Ultralight Plate Carrier, a well-fitting and Mission-Specific Plate Carrier.

The BEARCAT® Ultralight Plate Carrier is designed to be an ultralight but still versatile platform. Reduction of the amount of laminate and Cordura® fabric to bare minimum resulted in a significant weight cut – the main platform weighs only 290grams.

Even though BEARCAT® Ultralight Plate Carrier is designed mainly with Swimmer Cut plates in mind, it will also fit SAPI or Shooter plates. Due to the use of highly stretchable softshell fabric, the plate carrier offers great fitting, no matter what kind of plate cut you choose. The inner velour Velcro® panels are designed to work well with COMFORT PAD of the Spitfire® System.

Not only the COMFORT PAD will suit the BEARCAT® Ultralight Plate Carrier well. It’ll be the same with the other Spitfire® System accessories, like the CUTAWAY set, flaps and back panels. That makes this carrier a great choice for those who already have the elements of Spitfire® System, but seek for a lighter platform.

BEARCAT® Ultralight Plate Carrier is being launched together with specifically designed products to extend its functionality. Check, among others, one of the lightest back and chest panels on the market: SKELETONIZED BACK PANEL® and SKELETONIZED PLATE CARRIER FLAP®, as well as the minimalist SKELETONIZED CUMMERBUND SLIM®, and the SKELETONIZED COMMS WINGS SET® made to carry your communication system. With them, you’ll be able to compose a perfectly functional and incredibly comfortable combat set.

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