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Dual Role MWD in combat and survival June 2014Peace Keeping / Sector 4

Bob Morrison reports from Eastern Cyprus on the Slovakian-led UNFICYP contingent

Cooperation / Nations United

Bob Morrison takes a look behind the scenes at the UN’s five-nation Famagusta Camp

Multinational Forces / Cold Response

Carl Schulze ventures into the Arctic Circle to cover the Norwegian Invitational Exercise

British Forces / Dual Role MWD

Bob Morrison reports on a newly introduced concept for Military Working Dogs

Korps Mariniers in Combat and survival june 2014Elite Forces 1 / Korps Mariniers

Bob Morrison heads to Scotland to photograph Dutch Marines on JOINT WARRIOR 14-1

Kit & Camo 1 / Marine Sapper

Bob Morrison focuses on the uniform worn by RNLMC Assault Engineers from 24th CSS

Elite Forces 2 / The Van Doos
Carl Schulze photographs Canada’s Royal 22nd Regiment on a winter training exercise
Survival / Training
Jason Polley returns as our regular Survival Specialist and goes right back to basics
Firearms / Accuracy International
Greg Roberts takes an in-depth look at AT, AX & AMX sniper rifles in a two-part mini-series
Survival Training in June 2014 combat and survival

Kit & Camo 2 / UNFICYP Uniforms
Bob Morrison continues the mini-series with a look at a Slovakian Blue Beret
Survival Gear / Tried & Tested
Mike Gormley trials a day sack, sleeping bag, soft shell jacket and foot & hand care products
Security / Flight MH370
Robert Shaw ponders on the possible reasons and asks if we will ever know what happened
Rations / Marching Ammo Pt.19
Bob Morrison unpacks a rare find Angolan Individual Combat Ration