Welcome the CR TAC Tactical Headset

codeRED Headsets teased us about a new product which is coming soon from them. Read below about the features and get excited about another quality product out of their smithy.

After many months of working with our demo testers, SWAT testers on the field and our manufacturer, we are proud to bring a competitive product to market.

CR TAC Tactical Headset

We have made upgrades to an existing design to make this headset a robust and higher quality finished product with the durability our customer base requires.

Kevlar reinforced cables, high quality boom mic, various upgrades and internal modifications make this a codeRED only product which we offer to the LE market with confidence.

CR TAC Tactical Headset
We have developed 3 mic options for the CR-TAC Tactical headset. First let’s talk about the standard mic.
It’s not just a “standard” mic as we have made a SUBSTANTIAL upgrade to the boom mic based on feedback received from our testers. A robust mounting clip was created to secure the mouth piece in place with the headset while stationary or on the move.
The electronics were upgraded for much clearer comms and feedback. Each boom mic will have a wind sock. The Dynamic Boom Mic is still under development and will be coming soon. Details to follow. We have adapted our popular throat mic with a 2.5mm adapter which can be connected to the headset port. Get the unfair advantage with complete stealth with amplified hearing.

Make sure you’re signed up to our VIP list. The CR TAC Tactical Headset will be available for pre-order soon.

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