What can I expect?

Well the new Stealth model comes with a Multicam Black Box Magazine cover that those of yo who like that camo will enjoy for sure. What more, installed MOSFET and E.T.U. to pimp the overall performance on the field straight out of the box.

A 6.04mm tight bore barrel should help you out sending the BB love downrange in a nice grouping too and basically that´s it.


MotorStrong Motor17000rpm
Gear box bearing8mm ball bearing
Magazine2500 Rounds
Overall Length823 mm
Electronic TriggerYes

The new CM16 LMG DST is your squad’s new best friend G&G says.

They have designed their LMG to be truly lightweight for easy bounding movement. It’s equipped with a 2,500 box magazine to help your squad flank the enemy. An included bi-pod makes getting into the prone supported position faster. Internally, a pre-installed MOSFET and electronic trigger unit give the CM16 LMG and snappy response to dominate the battlefield.

Stealth >> https://guay2.com/en/product/detail-2077

LMG DST >> https://guay2.com/en/product/detail-1921