MilSim News Update

The German Military is about to gear-up their troops with thermal image optics as well as night vision devices. FINALY!! Regarding an article we saw, the latest new thermal optic fielded to the troops is the XACT th65 from TELEFUNKEN RACOMS.

This optic offers his user a total range of operation from 1.500 meters. It runs by just two CR123 batteries and provides a runtime for 5hrs with outstanding image quality regardless the weather conditions. Designed for weapons starting from cal. 5.56mm up to 12.7mm, this optic works well even with bigger caliber guns and high rates of fire thanks to his robust hardened housing.

For maximum flexibility for the soldier in the field, the company offers a “flip-to-side” mount that fits onto picatiny rails to get it out of the sight line when not needed.

An unknown amount of units have been fielded already to put to good use with the troops. The XACT th65 is well engineered and already proofen from other NATO armed forces too.