Border War – Black Ops // Operation Juggernaut

!!!Game Report!!!

October 1st 2012 – Prague – Black Ops operations kicked off the new scenario story line for upcoming Border War 5. Participants from 7 countries of Europe were exposed to intensive physical challenges, lack of sleep and as well very dynamic scenario that took place during the day and night in one of the former military areas in Czech Republic. The non-stop 36 hours international game revealed a new type of the event and a new battle ground not so far known to the broad international public. Black Ops series from the kitchen of the Border War Crew are designed for hard core players and very advanced MILSIM players, allowing participants to experience even more demanding situations than on the traditional Border War MILSIM series. The new battleground consisted of central European woodland, steep hills, rocks, swamps and marches spiced up with lot of ruins and debris. This pilot event was only for invited teams selected from Border War 4 MILSIM participants from all around Europe.

Scenario entry:

Rampaging People’s Army of Zagra militia’s recently cleansed several villages in southern part of Lungo province in Zagra. Escaped villagers and factory workers reported to Royal Army of Zagra officials that PAZ militia captains and highly ranked officers started to occupy their households. Along with confiscating their belongings after they have captured and nationalized by force TDD Ltd. (Thomas and Doyle Diamonds Ltd. – Company is partly owned by Minacuan Investors and is set as a high priority object of interest by the Minacuan President.) Mass rapes and cleansing of ethnic character were witnessed during the offensive of PAZ freedom fighters. Several TDD managing employees and engineers of the mining facility were killed, some were kidnapped. Some important people connected to TDD Ltd. and Minacuan Government are still considered missing. It’s possible that they are alive and ransom will be demanded by the Militias.

OP Juggernaut is a code name of OA where simultaneously undercover operation to save Minacuan hostages takes place by so called ODA 145 and where Royal Zagran Army – 17th Infantry Battalion “Grand Zagra” launches a counter attack against PAZ Militias in Lungo province.

Scenario Resume

Initial setup of the scenario situation brought players in the middle of a counter attack of Royal Army of Zagra (RAZ) against retreating units of Peoples Army of Zagra (PAZ Militia) in one part of the Lungo Norte province in the kingdom of Zagra. Militias tried to mask the atrocity sites left behind by other PAZ units during initial militia operations in the region. The PAZ Militia assembled a forward base after a all night march, resupplied with ammunition and patched up their wounded allowing them to start counter attack against RAZ Forces with the first daylight. Hard tactical clashes took place over the mass graves and atrocity sites, causing increase of activities of local Voodoo cult let by former Mugege Shaman Mud Crocodile. Fierce violence and blood sheds helped Mud Crocodile to summon one of the savannah spirits to protect the cult territory. Strange situations started to occur in the battlefield after sun down scattering both PAZ Militia and Royal Army units around the battlefield in horror during both nights.

Royal Army was alerted by finding a rocket artillery aiming beacon placed on the Baboon dam during regular patrol – exposing the new facts about technological equipment of the PAZ units. It seems that PAZ units posses due to support from other countries very advanced weapon technologies and systems. Heavy fighting took place during second night over the Baboon Lake dam between PAZ units and Royal Army. Unfortunately the water dam was blown up by PAZ in the morning hours leading to significant increase of water level around the Angelic voices monastery. This sabotage helped to localize the final pocket of resistance of PAZ militias after heavy fighting in the ruins most of militias were killed and remaining have pulled back to the jungles.

Royal Army 12th AA Brigade managed as well to shot down unknown helicopter during Sunday afternoon as it seemed to be PAZ resupply drop. No significant evidence of helicopters origin was found on the crash site. Black box is still being searched for.

PAZ Militia and Royal Army were not the only parties involved in the conflict, so called ODA 145 operatives were performing some unknown undercover operation in the area, unfortunately no one was able to distinguish who were they and from what country. ODA units were grinded to pieces next to the lake in the final Royal Army offensive in the area of Angelic Voices Monastery no survivors neither found nor prisoners were taken alive. One of the bodies found in the mix of ODA and PAZ corpses was a body of a Minacuan diplomat John Muttlock, who was captured by the PAZ few weeks ago. Royal army found evidence of murder of this innocent forrign citizen leading to PAZ Militias, thanks to the professional operation under command of Alan Mc Lean of RAZ, the diplomats computer was rescued and returned to the Minacuan Embassy together with the body of John Muttlock.

Soon after the operation was announced in the press, newspapers revealed pictures of atrocities and mass graves in Zagra from various unknown sources revealing horror done to people who refused to follow the Nuevo Ordenar philosophy. In one of the Mass Graves body of Samuel Collins have been found. Samuel Collins was a kidnapped employee of Thomas and Doyle Diamonds Ltd (TDD). Unfortunately other missing employees of TDD Ltd. or evidences of their fate were not found.

World’s public opinion had changed towards People’s Army of Zagra after the significant evidences of ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity – putting them to the list of organizations that democratic world has no understanding for. It still must be taken in the consideration that Peoples Army and Nuevo Ordenar movement in Zagra are supported by lot of foreign countries, making PAZ very strong enemy to Royal Army of Zagra. Due to those facts Zagran King Ulumbi Kuato officially asked for foreign help its biggest neighbors and various PMC companies. As Minacuan citizens were directly killed by PAZ units, and PAZ units became direct threat to Minacua, the Minacuan parliament agreed to send MEF (Minacuan Expeditional Forces) to Kingdom Of Zagra together with lot of aid, weapons and technological equipment in order to help stop spreading of Nuevo Ordenar in the kingdom. Joint operation task force is called Task Force 56 code name Carnivore. Task Force will shortly start recruiting volunteers for training.

More to come soon…!

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