Scope cam videos are all over the place these days and becoming more and more popular as you get that “front row seat”. It’s like a first person video game – just without you playing.

I was looking trough a lot of videos lately and one camera was repeatedly popping up and caught my attention: the Mobius Actioncam.

The Mobius cam is very popular within the Open Source, DIY and FPV communities around the world. It is cheap, delivers good video quality and can easily be modified.

Don’t want to mount a chunky, big camcorder on top of your rifle? The Mobius is so small, you can even fit it into a PEQ-15 box.

I’m considering building my own little scope cam and thought, I’d share my gathered information with you.

Here are a few tutorials you can follow to build your own scope cam using the Mobius Actioncam. Some are French but you can see clearly what the necessary modifications are.

The list of parts you need to build a scope cam is quite short:

The final result can look like this (dual Mobius set-up):

And here’s a video from our UK based editor Aryan, in which he uses an EOtech overlay image instead of a scope reticle:

Feel free to share your own scope cam setting in the comments below.