OP Raven Wing:

Special Operations are a new type of event organised by Border War Crew. Compared to traditional Border War MILSIM battle simulation, Operation Raven Wing brought the player experience into the fog of Special Forces Operations. Mid-size invite only event revealed a special chapter in the traditional Border War world focusing on endurance based Special Forces assignments.

Event was attended by selected teams and individuals from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Russia, Italy and France. During the day temperature raised up to 39 degrees Celsius in the shade. All participants carried all of their gear on their backs for the duration of the event. Operation included intensive CQB missions during day and night, light and heavy armored motorised vehicles were used during the event. Operation Raven Wing was a first prescenario of the upcoming Border War VI “The Sunseeker” which is already being prepared for upcoming international milsim season of 2014.

More information and photos can be found here