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Border War 6 – The Sunseeker a new light into the Airsoft Milsim games.

Border War 6 game picture



Recent Border War 6 – The Sunseeker organized by the Border War Crew has pushed forward the benchmark of an Airsoft events organizing.

Border War 6 – The Sunseeker held in the Czech Republic in former military area Ralsko took place during last weekend of April and hosted players from 28 countries. Participants have tackled a 50 hour intensive day and night infantry MILSIM battle in a very demanding weather.

Border War 6 has pushed forward the limits of Border War 5 and reassured its position as the largest Airsoft and MILSIM 40+hours game operation in the Czech Republic, Europe and around the word, proving to be a benchmark in many aspects of Airsoft MILSIM event organising.

BW 6 hosted many historical vehicles and several helicopters for the ingame insertion for more than 230 airmobile players directly in the heat of the battle, as well fortified bunkers, antitank obstacles/ barriers, and many game locations built specially for the purpose of the event.

A LARP city featured more than 30 buildings and a nearby fortified castle that were inhabited by more than 350 LARP characters enjoying their role-play, integrated closely to the game scenario.

Border War 6 game picture

Cooperation with Authorities
Main partners of this year’s event were for the second time the Czech Army and the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic. The Czech Army has offered participants some very interesting seminars and opportunity to discuss an actual experience from deployment /active duty with the professionals. 43. Airborne brigade Chrudim has allowed participants to check latest real steel weapons of the Czech Armed Forces right on the spot, heavily armed Landrover Kayman was also on a display. Participants were involved – asking many questions and also checking out the weapons, taking pictures and trying out the vehicle. Chemical Engineers have shared their experiences from chemical warfare deployment/ active duty allowing participants to understand dangers of biochemical warfare. The Ministry of Defence shared a very nice exhibition about the Czech Army featuring plenty of photographs, posters and magazines, that participants took as the souvenirs.

The main sponsor of the event was ASG (Action Sport Games), BBs and replicas were distributed to the participants to test replicas before the game and during the game as well. Event was also supported/sponsored by Gunfire, Bohemia Airsoft, Jackets to Go, Voodoo Tactical Europe, UF PRO, Military Gear Center, Adventure Food, Airsoft & Military News Blog and Airsoft Academy (FAST).

Logistic support
Off zone area has offered a large variety of airsoft products, free goodies from the sponsors as well as shops with the equipment for the airsoft players, sponsor’s gifts and samples were given to the players for free while players got a chance to put their hands on the new products. Traditional professional catering supplied the entire event with an excellent food at reasonable prices and a with great non-alcoholic czech beer.

Behind the Scenes
Entire BW6 preparation including the several pre-scenarios supporting the pregame development took 11 months. On the spot BW Crew included 160 people.

Because We Care
Border War MILSIM was traditionally supported by professional medical services provided by the company Medevac ( 3 Ambulance cars, more than 30 paramedics in jeeps and quad bikes, surgeon and internist doctors were on stand-by for the entire duration of the game, setting the medical readiness/status of the event to the Role 2 medical standard, ready to help any of the players in need within 5 minutes after the phone or radio notification, in any area of the entire large battlefield.

Role 2 medical preparation set up is a higher level of medical services on spot. For example – music festival with 20 000 people requires a standard Role 1 medical set up – Role 3 is an army field hospital, Role 4 is a regular city hospital. Event was obviously also backed up by local firefighters and police department. Safety of the players is an organizers’ priority.

The unique points of Border War 6
 Largest amount of players at one spot + playing for more than 40 hours in a row
 Game was sold out in 37 minutes – 1500 players were on the waiting list
 Largest Airmobile insertion in the airsoft history
 Largest LARP city in the Airsoft history (Including the fortified castle and Task Force base fortifications)
 Most advanced medical and safety standard on an Airsoft event in Europe (Role 2 medical set up – 30+ professional medical crew on spot)
 Largest organizing Crew ever used to organize an airsoft event in Europe (possibly in the world)
 Largest usage of PES (Personal Eye System) by Milsistematika on the Airsoft event
 Several trucks of Game Props were transported and used in the game
 20 chrono stations with 40 Border War Chrono Crew members managed to make the fastest chrono ever in Airsoft history in the Czech Republic (possibly in the world)
 Epic Scale Task Force VI parade before game (Check pictures and videos)
 Heavy trucks were used to transport players into the game and off the game
 The Czech Army Supported the Event

About the organiser
Border War Crew has been organizing large scale international Airsoft MILSIM games since 2008, having/featuring more than 90 organized events from 2003 in its portfolio.

Border War MILSIM was chosen 2 times as the best Airsoft event in the world by the votes of the readers of Popular Airsoft Magazine while Border War 4 was voted the best Airsoft event of the word in February 2013, Border War 5 OP Warhammer received the award in 2014. Awards were handed over to the organizer at IWA fair in Nurnberg Germany in February 2013 and 2014.

About The Scenario:

Scenario of The Sunseeker transferes participants to the tropical heat of a fictional scenario, based on a true story, in the so called Merranga Province of the Southern Minacua. Governmental Units launched a surge operation against the guerilla paramilitaries and cartel thugs hidden in the jungles. Guerrillas have been defending the narcotic production fields and labs together with their allies from cartel and local cultists
. Governmental Task Force VI were in heavy fights with guerrillas leading to heavy losses on both sides. Local independent paramilitary forces led by Oligarch so called MSDF remained neutral to the governmental army but effectively fought against mercenaries from Triangle Corporation, as well as against guerrillas. Townfolks of Attoche – inhabitants of local city have rebelled and tried to claim independence nevertheless not with success due to much stronger governmental forces.

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