Beyond Clothing – a well known company which produce really nice tactical clothing as well high-end outdoor gear for civilian use. Lots of you guys out there know them, so we think we don´t have to say much more about their history at that point. They launched a video series which explains why Beyond produce all their products in the United States and not overseas like many other brands do! Below you find the first two and a little description as well. Learn more about them and enjoy reading & watching – because it´s worth it!


Made in the USA is more than just building something in America they say!

Yes, it’s cheap and easy to produce overseas. But changing an industry and building a quality, innovative product was never supposed to be easy!


Beyond Clothing


American manufacturing enables us to build more prototypes, drive customer feedback back into the production line and ultimately create better outerwear. We put our hearts into building you the best outdoor apparel because keeping you safe and comfortable is our #1 priority.


In those two videos, Beyond explains why they build in America FOR YOU!


We build American because we can, and because it’s worth it!!