RE-Factor-Tactical latest Blog about Laser Sights

Running a laser on your gun can make a big difference in how you aim and how quick you are in picking up targets at point black distance and beyond. In this article from the guys over at RE Factor you get to know some tips about fitting the right laser to your Glock & SIG Pistol Series.

There are more blogs and articles about laser sights that we could read in a month, but not many discuss the different sights for Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) or full-size 1911’s. Many universal laser sights are great for a variety of pistols, but in my experience, it’s been easier to use the tools that are specifically meant for the dimensions of your gun.

Laser Sights

Do you need a laser sight for your pistol? What kind of difference does it make? How do I use it properly? These questions and more will be answered to give you the most comprehensive understanding of laser sights.

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