Beretta Introduces Their First Hunting Rifle The BRX1 Straight-Pull Bolt-Action Hunting Rifle

Beretta enters the world of hunting rifles and chooses to use the linear reloading system, creating a revolutionary weapon that encompasses all of Beretta’s experience in rifled weapons, developed with years of designing weapons in both the military and civilian world.

The BRX1 guarantees maximum speed, precision, safety and ease of use, both in the reload phase and in the explosion of the shots following the first: substance, instinct, reliability and everything you need from your rifle.

The BRX1 is faster, more instinctive and easier-to-shoot thanks to its linear reloading system, superb ergonomics and balance. It’s also easy to adjust with a demonstrably quick caliber change, ambidextrous conversion and adjustable trigger weight.

The concentric barrel and chamber are both cold hammer forged from one piece of premium steel. The special bedding geometry ensures the barrel maintains the correct position, resulting in at least a 3 shot group SUB M.O.A. guaranteed by the factory.

The military based, ultra-tried and tested, locking system features a rotating bolt head with 8 locking lugs, or 16 for magnum calibers. Safe and strong, the BRX1 successfully passed the NATO tests which are performed on Beretta military fi rearms.

The BRX1 is flexible to different types of hunting such as selection hunting, hunt or for long distances in mountain hunting. A tradition to be passed down from father to son even if one is left-handed without having to buy another rifle. In designing the BRX1, Beretta engineers have also evaluated the needs of left-handed shooters, the bolt lever and the cartridge ejection system are easily reversible, in a few minutes and without the use of tools.

The interchangeable barrels of varying calibers, three-trigger weight options and fully ambidextrous bolt and extraction. The ability to change from right hand to left can be made without any tools making the BRX1 a versatile, modern, modular weapon suited to every kind of hunter and shooting environment.
The barrels are housed in the grip by means of a “V” cradle and locked by two screws and a steel dowel, so as to allow easy replacement in the event of a caliber change as well as constant housing in the same position, without the risk of losing the accuracy or calibration of the optics.

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