Armorer Works Introduces the new and improved iteration of their VX series of Airsoft Pistols, the VX02 Series

The second iteration of the VX series released, the VX02 series features the same design etiquette as the VX01, following the hexagonal pattern from the AW logo and applying it onto the slide serration, slide and grip texturization, and more.

So what’s different from the VX01? The VX02 allows both semi and full auto-fire. Simply flick the fire selector switch to fire between the two; accurate, consistent semiautomatic fire or keep heads down with suppressing fire on full auto.

Remember to buy spare mags for this gun, as you do burn away ammo quite efficiently. We offer an extended 50 round mag, or the Penultimate GBB drum mag, carrying 350 rounds of BBs.

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