The Steyr Scout has landed!

Fresh in from Action Sport Games over at Land Warrior Airsoft, the Steyr Scout Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle which is the perfect solution for those wanting pinpoint airsoft accuracy in a compact package.

ASG Steyr Scout Rifle

This fully licensed replica is an exact 1:1 model of the famous precision rifle. The Steyr Scout was designed to be the ‘perfect’ compact precision rifle and would become a household name across the globe when it was featured in the hit computer game ‘Counter Strike’.

ASG Steyr Scout Rifle

The rifle is both internally and externally sound, capable of taking up to an M190 spring the Steyr Scout has a surprisingly light trigger pull for its power, further enhancing its accuracy as there is less disturbance to the rifle with each shot.

Externally, the rifle features high quality polymer furniture that incorporates an integral fold down bipod that sits neatly within the receiver when not in use, has multiple QD points and even has a storage space in the stock perfect for magazines or tools!

We also received a number of ASG’s other popular items, such as their devastating Scorpion Evo AEG’s, the unique Hera Arms CQR (as seen in the recently released action movie ‘The Tomorrow War’!), a number of their pistols from their intimidating Dan Wesson Revolvers to their iconic CZ‘s and more! Check out our website for more ASG and everything else airsoft!

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