Introducing the latest pistol caliber carbine (PCC) style AEG from Ares Airsoft, the M45X-S, now available at Gunfire.

Unique replica of the M45 submachine gun in the X-S version. It was manufactured by ARES brand, which is recognized and liked by airsoft players. The replica was made mostly of high-quality metal and robust polymer.

The body of the replica, RIS handguard, as well as the hinge of the stock with its guide, are metal. There are also some elements made entirely of steel like pins or screws. The comfortable pistol grip, the adjustable stock with a container for the battery and folding sights located on the RIS rail were made of polymer.

At first sight, the replica resembles another replica from the M4 / M16 family, but in this case, the replica is equipped with the 9mm version of the magazine. The other elements, such as the manipulators, are exactly as in the AR15 carabiner replicas.

An interesting solution is the function of quick replacement of the handguard. The standard system will allow you to adjust the length of the barrel to your preferences. It is worth noting that the adjustments do not require any tools.

Another functional feature of this model is a folding stock with the special contacts inside it – the replica won’t shoot when the stock is folded.

The heart of this replica consists of a reinforced, dedicated gearbox equipped with a set of steel gears and an integrated EFCS module – Electronic Firing Control System. It controls the operation of the trigger box, allowing for smooth operation and shortens the motor reaction time to the trigger pull. A standard connector cube was replaced with an electronic system. EFCS has a built-in MOSFET unit.

EFCS significantly prolongs the lifetime of the mechanism, thus of the entire replica and allows to use a high-voltage battery, including LiPo. After purchasing an external, dedicated EFCS programmer, the User will gain the ability to set the sequence of fire modes, as well as the burst mode (3-BB fire).

Except for the replica, in the set, you will find two mid-cap magazines with a capacity of 55BBs (shorter one) and 125BBs (longer one).

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