Social Media Blows Up As Arc’teryx Cancel Sales to Firearm Businesses

It seems that after some changes within Arc’teryx administration, the supposed second amendment supporting company of outdoor clothing brand and accessories, has decided to take on anti-gun policies. This has been taken in the form of firearms businesses having their orders cancelled with reference to policy changes.

It is worth noting that this may have been in error and not intended to be sent by Arc’teryx as there is no official statement outside of these emails being sent. Arc’teryx has expressed to one source that the actions of the employee and their email does not reflect company policy and will be rectified.

Soldier systems has contacted Arc’teryx for a statement which concluded that the email sent was an error and should not have seen the light of day.

Multiple businesses are in up roar over social media; sharing what looks like an email to a single business, dictating the cancellation of trade due to the industries they wish to align their brands with.

Our policy has changed since you last placed an order with us, specifically in regards to the industries in which we align our brand, and the decision was made to not do business with weapons manufacturers anymore. Unfortunately this means we are not able to proceed with your order at this time.

We will keep you up to date on the matters. We have attached posts regarding the matter below as reference to what’s currently occurring on social media.



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