May I introduce our new gearbox call for No.2 HYBRiD Mecha Box

Energy Saving:
Technically, compare to other traditional electric blow mecha box which normally takes 13 – 15 Ampere, our HYBRiD mecha box only takes 9.5 Ampere by G110 spring @ 330 FPS. The testing result is positive. It saves 33% of energy compare to other mecha box. The smaller of the Ampere, the smaller loading of the mecha box thus giving you a smooth and durable mecha box that you have ever experienced.

Truly 100% compatible with existing aftermarket upgrades:
Tappet, piston, cylinder, Air Nozzle, Hop Up System…etc No more worries in putting aftermarket upgrades into our HYBRiD mecha box! We have tested over 20 different major brands purchased from the market and parts are 100% compatible with our mecha box. Players are now freely to replace or upgrades the mecha box whatever is needs

Modification is no longer complicate:
Some player may find difficulties in upgrading the mecha box, especially changing the main spring is a pain. It is because you need to completely dissemble the mecha box in order to take the spring out. With the advance feature of our HYBRiD mecha box, player can simply use a flat screwdriver to unscrew the rear of the mecha box and take out the main spring without necessary to open or dissemble the mecha box completely. Our Electric Blow Back parts can also be easily detached which turning your guns from EBB to AEG in a second.

Better Air Seal:
Our engineer had spent a lot of effort in making the air seal better than ever. Cylinder Head, Nozzle, Piston and Piston Head had been perfectly made to give you a better air seal than ever.

Better finishing:
In our HYBRiD mecha box, the bushings were made of steel and polished before putting into the mecha box. It further reduce the vibration and friction caused by the spinning of the gear, thus increasing the smoothness. With a certain use of battery and motor, the rate of fire reaches 1200 RPM is not a myth.

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