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The New Gen II Ultra-Light Series Carbon Fiber Handguards from AP Custom feature a more rigid rail attachment and a rock-solid proprietary trunnion system.

The AP Custom Ultra-Light Series Handguard was designed to be the lightest carbon fiber handguard on the market. So if you want to cut weight from your build without sacrificing strength or quality, you’ve come to the right place. And, like all AP Custom carbon fiber handguards, it allows the barrel to free-float, increasing accuracy.

APCustom tube-with-out-rail

On the Gen II AP Custom added an aluminum trim cap, more rigid rail attachment, more solid trunnion system, and a dedicated bipod stud location.

General Specs

  • 5.56 inner diameter = 1.875″, outer diameter = 2.00″
  • .308 inner diameter = 2.00″, outer diameter = 2.125″
  • The lightest ventilated carbon fiber handguard on the market
  • Slots at 2, 3, 6, 9, and 10 o’clock positions
  • 100% carbon fiber with a proprietary blend woven for lightness without sacrificing strength
  • Includes AP Custom USA Solid Mount barrel nut and trunnion system
  • Dedicated bipod stud mounting hole
  • Anodized aluminum end cap
  • Barrel nut and trunnion system backwards compatible with Gen I handguards.
  • Paints well, easy to custom color
  • 7 times stronger than aluminum of comparable thickness, at 1/6th of the weight
  • Doesn’t get hot or cold (thermal transference of 1, similar to wood or concrete)
  • No glue or epoxy needed
  • Uses proprietary barrel nut
  • Lifetime warranty

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