An update from the AMNB team about current product tests we are running in the field for you!

2017 is in it´s full swing and our team continue with the first product test for the Year. To keep you informed about what we take out for you, we decided to do this short kind of a “newsletter” here on the blog. Find below the what´s in the pipe and what you can expect soon in the “REVIEW” section from us.


We´re able to check out the brand new SOCOM 2 silencer series from our partner DYTAC – Those are as we can say it from a first look are pretty well made with a high attention to detail as we got their (with SF markings version).
DYTAC has for now the SOCOM RC 2 and SOCOM MINI 2 version cal.5.56 (for airsoft use only) in their program. They also offer you the SF typ 3 prong and 4 prong flash hider with the silencer. These can be choosen when you order.

More details in the full review soon.


Finally, the Hexmag Airsoft magazines for the Systema PTWs are available. These arrived beside the SOCOM2 silencers from our partner DYTAC as they are one of their distributors. We´ve been lucky to get a box of 5 pieces to test them.

We heard about some follower/feeding issues these mags eventually have. Let’s see if it’s true during the testing. As for an first look and hands on at em, the finish seems to be very solid and these mags could stand up as a good alternative to the standard PTW M4 style magazine.

More about them after we had enough time to run them during our training sessions.



In the TACTICAL GEAR department, we will be offering you two SERIES of reviews, with three environment specific items each.

In the ALPINE series, we take some cold weather garments and equipment out in the mountains and take them through their paces. The items in the spotlight are a rugged reflective tarp/bivi bag from BEGADI and a reversible G-Loft mid layer jacket from CARINTHIA.






Last but not least, do you remember a certain mid-layer anorak from BEGADI that was reviewed by our team in 2016? Well they amped up the filling and switch the outer material. This one in that sweet sweet Pencott GreenZone. Let’s see if these products perform as well as they should.






In the URBAN series, we take a different route. The streets can sometimes be as treacherous as mother nature itself. This is why this time, we test some every-day-use gear, that just might make your day easier. In this series, we take a close look at a LIG jacket from CARINTHIA, and an EDC bag from ONE TIGRIS. And no urban series would be complete without a laptop case from TASMANIAN TIGER. Knowing these companies, i think we’re all in for a treat.



The UF PRO Striker Stealth Smock is in tha house as well and gets field tested since the end of 2016. Together with our partner Triple Action, we provide you this review from UF PROs latest top notch product. The Smock did very well over the last months and a couple more test will be done till the the end of February.






This is just the beginning of the year, mind you. There is a whole lot we’ve got in the works for you all the way from bush-craft knives to flashlights to ultra-light chest rigs. So stay tuned for the reviews when their testing period has completed.

The AMNB Team