succesfully launched!

** PRESS RELEASE: For immediate release **

What a blast, was received very well during the launch! We received many visitors and very positive feedback. People really like the RSS feeds combined with all the social media and Youtube updates. Currently steady at 200 unique visitors a day! And growing strong 😀

“Looks awesome guys! I love the website! It’s a work of genius!! And a great implementation on so many levels. Great job!”

“ is very useful, great job! No more searching on 10 sites a day…”

“I just discovered Airsoft Wall! I think this will become one of the top airsoft websites in the world.”

We are proud to show you this movie today: Video

What’s new on

First of all we updates the website and increased performance, thanks to a technique called Lazy Load. Article’s load a lot faster now! Way more convenient. Further we introduced 2 new social media feeds. Please welcome the VIMEO airsoft wall and the Flickr airsoft wall. If you have good suggestions for these walls contact us with a username/channelname/tags and we will add the content.

Flickr Airsof Wall

Further we would like to welcome our first sponsor of They were as enthousiastic about the project as we are and decided to support the website form the beginning! Much appreciated guys! Bring them a visit…
Enjoy the portal for your daily airsoft updates!

Kind regards,

Ronald Meeuwissen
Call sign: SlickAxe

CEO/Editor in chief