As seen on Gunfires facebook site – Airsoft Systems release a new Gen3 ASCU & new Hop-Up Unit with empty magazine detection function!

After a year of hard work, finally here we present you the Generation-3 of the ASCU, it has all the features of the previous generation, but now all of it fits inside the Gearbox ( the Control Unis and the Mosfet). No more fragile data wires.
We have improvised the software and the active braking, we have made the trigger response even faster. The Gen.3 can hold even stronger upgrades.

The package now comes with a specially designed cut-off lever and selector plate.


Тhe Airsoft Systems Hop-Up Unit with empty magazine detection function for the ASCU is ready. We will have it in two versions, for ASCU Gen.2 and for ASCU Gen.3. The hop-up units for Gen.1 will be available after March.