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If you did´t heard of Airsoft Squared so far, you should spend some time to ready this article.

Airsoft Squared is a social network dedicated to the Airsoft community. More than just a Wall, Airsoft Squared is a publication platform where users can publish news about Airsoft (about their team or brand for example), playable scenarios, reviews of Airsoft gears.




Brands, retailers, teams and associations can put their pin on the new Airsoft Map and create a “group” where they can post photos, videos, games…and more.




They just released a classified section to help players buy and sell Airsoft replicas. Last but not least, Airsoft Squared is now available in 22 languages!!


If you´re now interested to sign yourself in, follow this link: and join one of the largest airsoft communitys! Be a part of it!