There´s a lot of misunderstanding in our hobby ever since and to those who are new into airsoft too. So today we have a guest post here at AMNB from Jay Chambers who took the time to write down 5 myths you may like to read about. Enjoy the read!

Airsoft is a sport that is played with airsoft guns, but the problem is usually that a lot of people seem to believe specific myths about the guns or the sport itself. When you’re into this sport, yet everyone around you is throwing this fake information at you, it becomes frustrating.

But these are just myths. People need to know the truth and stop believing all the prejudices about airsoft. We’ll help with that by debunking 5 myths about airsoft.

Airsoft Guns Are Lethal

To an extent, airsoft guns can be a little dangerous. If you’re not using protection, you can get injured, or you can get hurt if you’re shot from two feet away. However, some people make things seem worse than they actually are in reality. The danger they pose is far lower than how people imagine it.

There are some individuals who believe that airsoft guns are so dangerous that they can even be lethal. Of course, without proper protection and without following the rules, things can get bad very quickly. If the pellet hits the right place, then yes, it can be deadly – but it’s highly unlikely that this will happen. Meanwhile, there are car accidents happening on a daily basis, yet you don’t see people giving up on cars because of that.

As long as you protect yourself, go through training and know the rules, you can handle your airsoft gun without causing any harm to you or anyone in your surroundings.

It’s an Expensive Hobby

Airsoft is actually not an expensive activity. Of course, that doesn’t mean that everybody will be able to afford the necessary items, but it’s still far cheaper than many think it is.

You won’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get a gun and ammunition for it. In general, the first costs will be the higher ones, since you have to purchase the gun. Some guns can be a little expensive, but there are also some that you can get for $50 if you are lucky enough to get a nice offer.

Conversely, safety gear will be about $35 for full protection, although you can get some of it for free too. You just need to spend some cash on a face mask, as it’s one of the most important pieces when it comes to airsoft protection. The mask can be around $20. As for the ammunition, it will be around $15 for 5000 rounds.

Only Boys Can Get into Airsoft

Seriously now, we’re in the 21st century, so saying that something “is only for boys” is quite outdated. Girls can be capable of these things too, and although the sport is mainly dominated by men, it doesn’t mean ladies don’t want to enjoy some action.

If you go to an airsoft field, you are likely to notice some girls here and there too. Most of the players will be males, but don’t be surprised if you also see a decent amount of females. Girls are able to shoot with airsoft guns and can get quite competitive.

Modifying an Airsoft Gun Will Make It Able to Fire Real Bullets

This is another myth circulating around about airsoft guns. Many people think that airsoft guns can be modified in some way to be able to fire real bullets. But this is nothing but a prejudice, so here are the uncovered details. While there are stronger airsoft guns such as the BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle M62, which has a metal bolt, these weapons are still not strong enough to sustain a real bullet.

Airsoft isn’t built similar to real firearms, so modifying them won’t really change a lot in terms of power. That being said, airsoft has a different type of casing, which is unable to resist the speed, power, and heat of a real bullet. It would get ruined by a bullet.

Whatever you do, don’t try to change an airsoft gun to make it work with real bullets, as things can get dangerous very quickly.

Airsoft Causes Makes People Violent

This is another common misconception that needs to disappear. Just because a person uses an airsoft gun, it doesn’t mean they are violent and want to harm people. Actually, it can be quite the opposite for a lot of individuals.

While airsoft imitates shooting someone, it is a way for people to calm down. Just imagine this – you had a long day, dealing with annoying clients who think they know everything. But you’re not allowed even to talk back to clients, let alone take things overboard. So, going to the airsoft field will let you release some of the anger accumulated throughout the day, and you’ll leave with more positive feelings.

Having said that, airsoft can be calming and not cause violence.

Final Thoughts

These myths are quite common when it comes to airsoft, but it’s important to let people know the truth. Make sure to show this to whoever has doubts about your hobby. Hopefully, they were informative enough.