Airsoft is a fun sport that can be played casually or competitively, depending on your type of game play, tactical gear load outs may be different. Whether you’re going for a light weight setup or a military-infused setup, airsoft can still be played. In this video we show you 3 of the most common airsoft loadouts that we’ve seen throughout the years.

Airsoft Optics, Scopes and Sights

There are probably just as many airsoft optics, scopes and sights as there are airsoft guns, so choosing one maybe confusing. In this video we show you several different optics and what airsoft gun/situation they’re best used with.

Airsoft Batteries and Chargers

With such a large selection of batteries and power sources for your airsoft electric guns (AEGs), it can be extremely confusing to choose which one best suits your needs. In this video we break it down and show you all the different types of batteries and chargers that we carry and help you find the one that fits your AEG.