Would you run a gun like this?

If you followed us on our social media last week you may saw our article there about a upcoming release from a functional airsoft M2 Browning machine gun. As we wanted to know more about, we spread our hands out for you to find out more and we found a littel bit to go on with. Cheers to my friend “M” for helping me out with.

First details to go on:

So the manufacturer is called 3D MMP based in Taiwan and the 50cal. comes in standard 6mm BB not 8mm as some of you may thought it will be because it´s big and as a support gun like this one, it maybe does a better job in 8mm to scare the sh*$! out of the enemy. But that´s just me thinking loud.

You can expect a almost full metal constructon of the gun what means your team mate with the strongest arms have to carry it if you don´t just mount it on top of a truck like a turret gun.
The stand or tripod that it comes with is the ACTUAL real stand “yes” the real stand the real M2 has in use. Awesome! But that makes the whole thing even more heavy to carry around.


Well we don´t know about these points yet but you can expect the price level above the $1K mark for sure. When does it hit the market? No idea as you look at the first pre-production picture released. But what we do know is, that this model will be on display at a booth on IWA next month and we get some more details out of it beside more pictures for you to work with.

Stay tuned for more details about the M2 Browning replica latest during IWA in a couple of weeks as we report live as usual for you.