Airsoft Innovations just launched a new product! Easily and permanently oils your propane tank. Proper lubrication maintains and extends the life of your Gas Guns & Tornados.

Requires AI GunGas Kit or AI Propane Adaptor (Incl. in GunGas Kit)

• Easily fill your propane tank with GBB & Tornado Oil
• Takes a minute to oil a tank
• Use it once and you’re good to go for the life of the propane tank
• Includes premium 1.5wt ultra-light silicone oil, selected for use in GBBs/GBBRs
• Includes premium silicone oil specifically selected to condition seals and sliding parts in all Tornado Grenades, maintains accuracy of timer function in Timer Grenades
• Includes 2 reusable hang tags, to properly label lubricated propane tanks
• Made in Canada!

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