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BOLT M4 SOPMOD Full Metal Recoil EBB AEG

BOLT Airsoft brings the realism of recoil feedback to the AEG market through their patent pending Bolt Recoil Shock System (BRSS for short). The BRSS design provides an extremely authentic kick providing the user with extremely realistic feedback. The BRSS design rivals many Gas Blowback rifles currently available.

Check out the product presentation video:



  • Realistic Recoil Feedback from the Patent Pending BRSS System
  • RIS Front End for Tactical Accessories
  • Full Metal Receiver and Barrel Assembly
  • Detachable Rear Sight
  • Retractable Crane Stock
  • Mock Bolt with Realistic Blowback
  • Compatible with Standard Ver.2 Parts
  • Reinforced Gearbox with Heavy Duty Internal Parts
  • CNC Stainless Steel Spur Gear
  • CNC Aluminum Piston Set (w/ Full Steel Tooth)
  • High Torque Motor
  • Aluminum Alloy 6.01mm Tightbore Inner Barrel

Available Model

Check em out: Airsoft/BOLT M4 B-4 SOPMOD


About BOLT Airsoft

Bolt Airsoft (Taiwan) is a new brand company in Automatic Electric Gun industry; we provide AEGs with powerful recoil movement just used low voltage batteries. Bolt Airsoft’s goal is to design AEGs close to a real gun to satisfy survival game players and also military collectors. Powerful recoil movement and the material used are the keys to maintain our goal on track.