AA 2018 – Teaser Video

I had the chance to attend the AA course earlier this Year and have to say: it was totally woth it! Beside meeting great people from all over, airsofters, LAW/police guys and stuntman who played in movies like Black Hawk Down, the program about what you get teached and what you can practice afterwards is top notch! So, if you wanna get that feeling how it is to operate from Choppers and wanna learn good stuff, sign in! ~Chris

Project Gecko & HARD TASK are teaming up to bring you another unique one of a kind training opportunity in Europe – the Air Assault course.

This course will not only focus on deployment from / by helicopter but also on several key skillets that will allow the individual to understand the aircraft limitations as well as capabilities within the tactical context.

Book your adventure >> www.projectgecko.info/air-assault-2018