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The long-awaited Agilte Battle Element soft shell is now on sale with an introductory gift of $50 OFF – Get yours now for a limited time only at the brand new Agilite Website!!

The Battle Element™ is a combat grade soft shell on a whole new level.

Developed together with elite Israel Defense Forces and Israeli Navy Operators, it was designed with the needs of special operations and extreme outdoor professionals in mind.

Agilite Tactical Battle Element soft shell

Whether you are battling enemy combatants or mother nature, the Battle Element™ is engineered to keep out wind, cold and moisture whilst maintaining an inordinate level of flexibility, breathability and durability.

Agilite Tactical Battle Element soft shell

Special features of the Battle Element include the Agilite “Half-glove” that covers half the hand and helps bridge the transition area from jacket sleeve to glove. The Half-glove can also be folded inwards to form a regular sleeve if required.

There is a low profile hood hidden under the collar to provide added rain and wind protection and yet is completely conspicuous when not in use.

Agilite Tactical Battle Element soft shell

The inside of the Battle Element is Agilite premium grade Micro-Fleece for warmth and It also features twin under-arm vents for heat release after exertion. The dual vents allow for heat release without removing combat gear or backpacks.

Agilite Tactical Battle Element soft shell

Read more about this new shell ober at their website >>>

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