Kopis Mobile Networked Tactical TV (NTtv) is the most cost effective solution for sharing video at the small unit level.

Available through ADS, NTtv is an OPERATE ANYWHERE, TRAIN ANYWHERE, VIEW FROM ANYWHERE first person video sharing system. The system gives you the ability to connect to any type of camera and view multiple video streams by simply swiping the screen of any smart device that is wirelessly connected to the encoder. (e.g iOS, Blackberry, Android).

The encoder houses WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, two radios, a quad-core processor and an internal video server. The encoders mesh with each other providing up to 1km line of sight connection without any other communication backhaul. They also stream video over 3G cellular networks and data capable radios. The system records up to 30 hours of video and has a combined weight of only 2.3 lbs.

NTtv can be body worn, put in vehicles, building, ships, connected to certain unmanned aerial systems, put on dogs, robots or connected to stand alone devices like day/night thermal cameras and even FLIR.


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