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I think every player knows this problem once from the past: When a game comes up and you´re preparing all the stuff you “think” you need to have with you – „God damn it, I need a bigger bag to carry all these things and I should stop buying stuff!”…noooo, you don´t have to!


Voodoo Tactical has the answer to this problem with the „Mojo Load-Out Bag“. This bag is designed to carry all your stuff you need for either a one day skirmish game or a 3-4 day MilSim operation. I used this bag for the first time on this years Border War 5 event and I was surprised how much gear this bag carries.

But let´s get some facts about it. „Giganti” isn’t even in the same league as this guy! And that´s damn right. Made by 800D Codura, this bag is strong enough to carry all your gear.

Measuring: Whopping 39″ long x 18″ wide x 15″ tall + eleven exterior pouches in different dimensions that give you even more room to put all your small and medium gimmicks inside.


Let´s start at the front. The Mojo comes with 5 pockets there. Two of them are closed by zippers, two by clip locks and one by a Velcro fastener.


On both sides of the Mojo you find two pockets with some MOLLE webbing in between, which offers extra space for more pouches if you need them. The main side-pocket is as wide as the bag itself and has a fitted lower pocket on top. This one has also a zipper to close it up. Two straps on each side allow you to pull tight the pockets or to mount some „extra gear“ outside the bag if you want. For example: Sleeping bag, tent, sleeping pad, etc.


On top of the bag we have two small zipper pockets and a clear ID window. Nothing special about these ones. A shoulder strap (fully adjustable) with movable pad and carry handle are also mounted on top. Six „D“ rings around the sides give you more flexibility to change the shoulder strap or add extra stuff.


Now we take a look at the fastener system of the big main compartment. As you can see, we have two zippers (double-zip access) – one on each side – and they go all the way over the top and open it up. This double-zip system gives a maximum opening for the main compartment and maximum comfort to store or remove all our stuff. A great feature we think!


The main compartment itself is “HUGE”. As you can see, there are no further compartments inside. This allows you to transport your rifle case inside the bag (if you got some space left) safe and away from public few.


Yes you´re right, MOLLE webbing all over the backside! If the pouches of the Mojo are not enough, just take all your pouches you have at home and put them to this MOLLE webbing wall!


On the bottom side the Mojo has another nice feature ready for us. Imagine going into the field in order to reach the sleeping area, the off zone or the HQ – and imagine going there by foot – you can easily throw the Mojo on your back and use it as a backpack with its own shoulder straps. If you don´t need them, just store them in their own „concealed“ pocket and they´re out of your way. This is another nice feature of the Mojo!

The „step-in bag“!

Well, after a long day in the field, sometimes you´re tired and you don´t want to spend a lot of time to remove all the gear separately and store every single piece in its place. The only thing you want to do is: Get home, take a shower, grab a beer and tell your friends of your greatest moments at the field.

So here´s our suggestion: If you´re lazy, use the Mojo Bag as a „step-in bag“ and put all your gear in the bag as if it was one piece. Does this work? Yes, it does! Just step into the empty bag, remove all the gear from your body and put it directly into the bag, step out, close it up and you´re ready to go. If you don´t trust us – try it at home when you got yours and you will see, we don´t lie – it works!


The Mojo Load-Out Bag has fulfilled all our expectations. This bag really impresses concerning storage space, user-friendliness, handling and extras like the shoulder straps. If you have been looking for an appropriate bag to carry all your gear or if you want to stop wondering which piece of gear not to take with you because there is no more space: You’ll love this Mojo bag.

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The guys at Voodoo Tactical never sleep and they pay attention to the customer feedback. So they already released an updated version of the Mojo and they simply call it the „Mojo Load-Out Bag on Wheels“. This bad guy allows you to carry it like a suitcase. So, forget about the weight – it´s ROLLIN´!

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