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When you have to train or work on those cold mornings a regular cap just isn’t enough, and a warmer solution is needed.

You can use a balaclava, but if you prefer to have your nose and mouth uncovered to breathe easier (especially if your airways are obstructed), or you want to avoid fogging to hit your eyewear then this is perhaps the best solution for you.


The 5.11 Watch Cap is a stylish beanie that is great for cold weather conditions. Being made out of polyester fleece, it keeps my head and ears warm under very cold weather conditions. For me this works great while playing Airsoft as it helps me to keep focused and comfortable instead of thinking about how cold and wet it is!

And even if it’s raining you don’t have to worry since it won’t absorb any water thanks to its water and wind resistant properties.

Another interesting plus for us as Airsoft players is that this watch cap also helps to protect your head and ears from bb impacts thanks to its soft fabric which reduces the impact of the projectile and avoids damage to the skin.


Being lightweight, many times, I even forget I’m wearing it and its design is simple and adapts very well to my head, since the polyester is somewhat elastic. And its small size allows me to store it on my cargo pockets and take it with me so I can wear it whenever I need.

This beanie is also reversible, however the inside is also on the same colour, here 5.11 could have added another colour so we could use the side according to the mission and terrain we are dealing with.


Ultimately, this watch cap is a great solution to keep me warm and dry on the greyest days, and when used with a water proof jacket such as the 5.11 Tac Dry Rain Shell, you’re ready to rock on the field and avoid getting distracted by the elements.

The price is also another plus factor, at only £12.99, around €15, you can get this great piece of gear for you kit in one of the following colours: Black, OD, Coyote and Dark Navy at our friends from Military1st.