Hey guys,

today we’d like to present a “barrel cleaner kit” from Fine-Arms. Thanks to Fire-Arms at that point for providing a test kit!

The kit is delivered in a cardboard roll of about 30 cm length and comprises of a 3 piece cleaning rod (stainless steel). The individual rods are bolt together, at one end there is a ball bearing mounted knob.

The first rod can be extended by the 2 other rods so that you can adapt the barrel cleaner to a barrel length from approx. 25 cm to 88 cm. We tested the 88 cm version with a M700 and still had 15-20 cm of rod not used, which means that you can clean nearly any equipment available.

The cleaning procedure:

I mostly use some ethanol (grain alcohol) to moisten the barrel cleaner. The ethanol dissolves grease or oil inside the barrel – if present – which makes the cleaning more effective than with a dry cleaner. The ethanol does not harm the inside of the barrel, it just dissolves grease and oil but not rubber of even the Hop Up system!

The cleaner kit provides 2 types of felt pellets: One type for normal fouling (right side) and one type for heavy fouling (left side).

There is not much to say about the actual cleaning, it’s quite simple: Put the felt pellet on the small aluminium end cap of the cleaning rod by twisting it and slowly move it into the barrel. Repeat this if necessary.

In our opinion the Fine-Arms barrel cleaner kit is a very nice accessory everyone should have because you can use it for a long time. As you can take it apart into pieces of 25 cm, it fits in nearly every pocket and you always have a good barrel cleaner with you.

Prize: 49,00€

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